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New Business Forms Accelerate Again: Weichai Power Strategically Regroups German ARADEX, Austria VDS

On January 15, 2020, Weichai Power signed a strategic cooperation agreement with German ARADEX and Austrian VDS in Jinan, Shandong, and officially started a new journey of cooperation.

Diesel silent generator set: How to repair and repair the diesel fuel generator?

In recent years, with the vigorous development of various industries, there are more and more industries using Weichai diesel engines in the production and construction process. The price of diesel generators has also received widespread attention in the market. Weichai diesel engines are used frequently, and care should be taken at the same time. So, what points should you pay attention to when maintaining the diesel engine? Diesel ge

Ten Questions and Answers for Diesel Generator Sets

Diesel generator sets are one of the main primary and backup power supply equipments commonly used in infrastructure construction, such as real estate development, communication construction, Internet cloud computing, government departments, public institutions, agricultural trade, etc. Today we share the ten questions and ten answers of the diese

What are the different characteristics of different fields of diesel generator set application?

As a power supply device, the diesel generator set can be used as a common power source or a backup power source, and its use is very extensive. The whole set of units is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, storage and control storage battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. The whole can be fixed on the basis, positioned for use, or mounted on a trailer for mobile use. The diesel generator set is a non-continuous operation power generation equipment. If it is con

What is the start of the diesel generator set without voltage?

There is no voltage at the start of the diesel generator set. Is the entire unit broken? It is very likely that there is no magnetic field when starting the no voltage. The following solutions are available. 1. First look at the glossiness of the two slip rings. If there is no gloss, use a sand cloth to grind it until it becomes bright. If it doesn't work, take a very fine fuse and put the three-phase four-wire on the generator. "Connect two randomly (to make it short), then start the engine, the fuse will automatically bl

They are all 100 kW diesel generator sets. Why are the prices different?

1. Voltage conditioning and frequency conditioning are different: in a system, the frequency values ​​are common regardless of the region. The balance of active power is also the power balance of the whole system; and the voltage level is not common in different power areas. The reactive power balance is mainly in the balance of different regions. The ability of the power plant to regulate the voltage can only be within a small area around it.

Design layout of a Yuchai 1250 kW diesel generator set

For the time being, the latter is more rigidly connected. After the diesel engine and the generator are connected, they are installed on the common chassis. We will be equipped with various sensors for maintaining the maintenance effect (such as water temperature sensor). After these sensors In order to visually display the operation status of the Yuchai diesel generator set to the operator, and with these sensors, we can set an upper limit. When the limit value is reached or exceeded, the control system will alarm in advan
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