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Weifang Benma Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is an industrial company specializing in imported and production and sales of domestic generator sets, automated generator sets, silent generator sets, and mobile power stations.
Weifang Benma Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment, exquisite technical force, rich experience in design and production, complete testing methods, and strict quality management system, to ensure that each product one hundred percent of pass rate and the reliability of the operation. At the same time the company has a fast and perfect after-sales service system, which makes the company products win the trust of the majority of users during fierce market competition.
Company products are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, forest farms, post and telecommunication, as wel as hospitals, military, fire-fighting units,and so on. It can be used not only in living and production power source, but also can be used as standby emergency power supply.
Survival by quality, development by technology is the corporate culture of Benma Power. We will always pursue the first-class quality, first-class service and first-class technology to return our customers. Our honor is from satisfaction and praise of customers. 

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